Gitlab SCM/CI

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    Gitlab is an excellent SCM with a high focus on supporting continuous integration and continuous deployment. It is our replacement for Bitbucket Cloud for all teams starting in November 2020.

    Why do we adopt this technology?

    Gitlab Premium is a far superior product compared to Bitbucket Cloud, supporting many new features, handy integrations and it comes with a very powerful, very capable CI/CD system. Github Enterprise is arguably on the same level, but failed to meet our expectations:

    Github Actions (Github's CI/CD approach) is only available on the cloud-hosted version, not on their self-hosted version. The same was true for other beloved Github functionalities, like security scanning of dependencies.

    Github was unable to guarantee us our code would not leave the EU in the cloud-hosted scenario. This is a deal breaker, as ITP clients are more and more often requiring us to comply with that demand.

    Github hosted could not offer 2-factor authentication if combined with both LDAP accounts and guest accounts. It could only be enabled if a single user directory was used.

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