Mixpanel is a real-time product analytics tool that lets companies optimise user engagement by providing insights into product usage and user behaviour.

Why do we adopt this technology?

Mixpanel offers a lot of built-in analytics possibilities that are easy to include in dashboards, easy to share with team members (and even external users) which makes it easier to make data-driven decisions.

This is particularly valuable in contrast to our experience with Firebase Analytics on the PQBC project. While Analytics served us well, it lacked the capability to generate more detailed and complex funnel reports, which is something Mixpanel excels at. Mixpanel's robust reporting tools not only allow us to create complex funnels, but also help us understand our users' journey in a more comprehensive way.

Moreover, we found the ability to save specific reports in Mixpanel exceptionally useful. This feature eliminates the need to recreate these reports from scratch each time, hence saving us valuable time and effort.

Overall, Mixpanel appears to be a more robust tool than Analytics, offering superior capabilities in areas where Analytics fell short.